About Waterbound Kooikerhondje

Waterbound Kooikers is a small kennel in Alvin, Texas, USA.
Our Dogs

Waterbound Kooikerhondje have each been carefully selected for their diverse pedigrees.

Our dogs live in the house with our family as pets first.
Our dogs have been imported from Finland, Hungary, and Switzerland as well as from the United States.
Our dogs are tested for all of the recommended health screenings.

Waterbound Dogs Undergo 5 Health Screenings



Testing is available through Utrecht University of Veterinary Medicine in the Netherlands by blood sample. All breeding stock is required to be tested for the carrier status.



A DNA blood test is available to screen for carrier status of ENM through Utrecht University of Veterinary Medicine in the Netherlands by blood sample. All breeding stock is required to be tested for the carrier status.



Dogs used for breeding should be free or only minimally affected with patella luxation and should carry a valid Orthopedic Foundation for Animals’ (OFA) certificate.



Ask a qualified veterinarian to x-ray your dog and submit results to Orthopedic Foundation for Animals’ (OFA). All breeding stock should be tested.



It is important to have Kooikers examined by a board certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist and registered with CERF, the Canine Eye Registration Foundation.


Our Puppies

Waterbound puppies are from carefully researched pedigrees.

The parents are chosen after an extensive study of the health, temperament, and conformation of themselves and their ancestors.

The Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test is performed at 49 days to help place puppies in the appropriate home.

Waterbound litters are raised the Avidog way.

About Me


I have been showing and breeding purebred dogs since 1983. I have titled dogs in conformation, obedience, rally, agility, fly ball and field. Kooikerhondjes became my focus in 2008 with the acquisition of my foundation bitch, UCK CH Vonlin’s Temple of the Winds RE, AX, MXJ, FDCH, CGC.

Since 2008, my goal at Waterbound has been to produce beautiful, companion dogs that are able and willing to compete in all aspects of Kooikerhondje activities.  We are a small kennel with a limited but well-planned breeding program.  This means that each breeding is of tremendous importance to us and that we concentrate our efforts into caring for and socializing our pups.  We follow a unique, state-of-the-art puppy rearing and development program that gives all of our pups, no matter their future, the best possible start in life.

American Kennel Club Breeder Education Certifications

  • AKC Breeding Basics
  • ABC’s of Dog Breeding, Breeding Systems
  • ABC’s of Dog Breeding, Genetics, Part 1
  • ABC’s of Dog Breeding, Genetics, Part 2
  • How Nutrition Influences Reproduction
  • Whelping & Medical Intervention

Webinars Attended

  • 2015 Canine Breeder Excellence Seminar – UCDavis
  • Managing the Valuable Stud Dog – Marty Greer DVM
  • Managing the Valuable Brood Bitch – Marty Greer DVM
  • The Top 10 Things Experienced Breeders Can Do to Improve Neonatal Survival – Marty Greer DVM
  • The Pink Paw Program-Breast Cancer Awareness for Dogs and Cats – Marty Greer DVM

Courses Attended

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