What You Can Expect From Us

What You Can Expect From Us

When you buy a Waterbound puppy, you are buying a piece of our family.  Our puppies are the focus of our lives and energy for the first two months of their lives. They also represent our commitment to – and knowledge of – Kooikerhondje.  All of our puppies come from healthy, well-conformed parents with sound bodies and temperaments. Their mother is a family companion, not a kennel dog.

Home-Raised Puppies. The puppies are raised in the living area of our home. They are accustomed to the hustle and bustle of family life. Waterbound puppies are handled and socialized from birth, with daily individual attention, including regular nail trimming, brushing, and other grooming needs. We introduce novel scents and Bio-Sensor exercises at three days of age. We continue until 16 days old, then switch to our enrichment and socialization protocol.  We adhere to this strict protocol of handling our pups from birth until your receipt in order to maximize their exposure to multiple sensory stimuli. This proven puppy protocol incorporates a variety of age appropriate challenges for your puppy, resulting in a better temperament and a more trainable dog.  That protocol should continue until the puppy is 16 weeks old, so buyers are expected to continue with very specific tasks after the puppy goes home.

Matching Pup to Owner. Our goal is to carefully place each puppy with a well-suited family. Most are placed in a competition or show home. A very few of our puppies each year become family companions in active pet homes. We make every effort to match each owner or family with the puppy that best suits them.  We know our puppies better than anyone.  We do not allow our buyers to select their puppy.  Instead, we gather information from prospective owners about their lifestyle, experience in dogs, and expectation for their puppy.  We note each puppy’s reactions and personality to assist in placement.  During their seventh week, they undergo the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test. In the eighth week, we evaluate their conformation.  We base placements on what is best for each puppy.

Quality Rearing. Waterbound puppies receive the best of care while they are with us. They are weaned naturally, nursing as long as their mother will allow and transitioning to a premium food as weaning begins, usually between 4 and 5 weeks old. To protect their immature immune systems, the pups receive only a single distemper-parvovirus vaccine while they are with us. The puppies are also treated for internal parasites as recommended by our veterinarian. Each puppy also receives an individual examination by our veterinarian.

Lifetime Support.  We expect to remain in contact with our puppy owners throughout the dog’s life so it is important you feel as comfortable with us as you do with our dogs. We provide information on the successes and health of each puppy’s parents and relatives, as well as suggestions on training, showing, and, if appropriate, breeding.

Lifetime Commitment. We take seriously our lifetime commitment to all of the puppies we breed. We will take any dogs of our breeding back at any time for any reason. We will place the animal into a new, loving home.




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