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Ayrie Standard Run

"Every once in a while it all comes together and Ayrie and I really work as a team."   Congratulations Cindy and Ayrie! https://youtu.be/4gqfnx9cNCc

ENM and vWd test results are in!

The tests results for Lilly's litter and for Spirit are in. Harvey is free/not a carrier of ENM. Casper is a carrier, Joy is a carrier, and Emmi is inconclusive and will be retested. Spirit is not a carrier. All are free/not carriers of...

Lilly Litter to have DNA test for ENM

Information about DNA testing for Hereditary Necrotising Myelopathy (ENM)   The DNA test for ENM. Since many years the VHNK was aware of Hereditary Necrotising Myelopathy in our kooiker breed. In the beginning this terrible disease was also named kooikerparalysis. ...

New Puppy Video

Lilly's Puppies Playing at 6 Weeks with 10 Month Old Spirit Kooikerhondje Pups, 6 week old Waterbound...

New Video


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