Kooikerhondje can also try Lure Coursing and a CGC Test

The Sunflower Cluster of Dog Shows also offers:

Canine Good Citizen Test (Saturday)

Lure Coursing (Friday-Saturday-Sunday)

A Canine Good Citizen or CGC test is valuable because passing this test demonstrates that your kooiker is capable of basic obedience and behaving in a friendly manner around other dogs and people. Astro and Clanci will probably test at this show.

Lure Coursing is a performance event where your kooikerhondje can demonstrate its ability to hunt by sight. In a Lure Coursing test, the dog will chase a white plastic bag on a pulley system for several hundred yards. Most kooikers  love and excel at Lure Coursing. I plan to enter Finn, Lukas, and Lucy in this event.

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