Kooikerhondjes Lucy and Finn earned new titles this past weekend

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Just learning

Both Finn and Lucy participated in the Spring Fling VIII Fly Ball Tournament hosted by the Texas Twisters on April 17 &18, 2015. Finn ran full time on the K9Kommotiom team, “Klassics”. Lucy ran part time on the K9Kommotiom team, Kontenders. Read about the sport of Flay Ball and see their statistics as of !2/2015.

Lucy earned her FDCH title and her MBX title. MB stands for Multi Breed. To compete in Multi Breed., each of the 4 dogs running must be of a different breed. This was her first time to compete on a Multi Breed Team.

Finn earned his FDCH-Gold title on Sat. At this time, heĀ  has never competed on a Multi Breed Team.

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