Waterbound Anna Aylina van de Golden Gate

Waterbound Anna-Aylina van de Golden Gate, also known as Lilly, is smart, well-tempered and loves to retrieve. She is very in tune with the family she had bonded with making sure they are on the same page. Co-owned with Golden Gate Kooikers, she lives in Baltimore with Sebastian. She is the daughter of Vonlin’s Temple of The Winds a.k.a. Lucy and Terminator Toni von Chicostein Vonlin’.Lilly has delivered one litter of puppies consisting of Emmi, Joy, Casper and Harvey.

DOBMay 2, 2013
Height15.25 inches
Weight23 pounds
OFA HipsExcellent
OFA Eyesnormal
ENMClear/not a carrier
Von Willebrand’s
Clear/not a carrier

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