Estaika’s Lucky Lukas CM CGC

Estaika’s Lucky Lukas, also known as Luke, is sensitive and very athletic. He loves to run and patrol the property at Waterbound. Luke has the distinction of being the first Kooikerhondje to be awarded a Certificate of Merit in the American Kennel Club. He has sired two litters. Co-owned with Golden Gate Kooikers, Luke resides at Waterbound.

Co-owned with Golden Gate Kooikers
AKC #SR79330401
Height15.75 inches
Weight26 pounds
OFA HipsExcellent KOO-18E24M-VPI
OFA EyesFree of Inheritated Eye Disease CERF: KOO-EYE10/13M-VPI
PatellasNo Evidence of Patellar Luxation KOO-PA25/12M/P-VPI
ENM Normal/Not a Carrier KOO-NME12/6M-PI
Von Willebrand’s
Clear/Not a Carrier KOO-VW19/6M-PI
CHIC # 104539

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