Waterbound Offspring

Waterbound offspring live all over the United States and Canada.


Woller, resides in Florida. Amica lives in Mountain View, CA and is a certified Wilderness Search Dog. Ayrie, arecent Agility MACH lis in Colorado. From the latest litter, Casper is living in New York City. Waterbound is well represented in the San Francisco Bay Area of CA by Maverick, Ruby, Pippa, Schyler, Mila, Emmi and Joy. In addition three Waterbound offspring live in our home state of Texas.


Waterbound First Class Flight CD SRA-W

Amica is a certified Wilderness Search dog. She lives in Mountain View, CA and is the daughter of Hunter and Lucy.


MACH Waterbound Ayrie Pedal To The Medal MX MXB MXJ MJS XF T2B

Ayrie is a Waterbound offspring out of Kooiikerhondjes “Toni” (UKC CH Terminator Toni von Chicostein) and  “Lucy” (UKC CH Vonlin’s Temple of the Winds RE, AX, MXJ).  Ayrie is making a name for himself as an Agility competitor. Aryie resides in Colorado with his proud owner, Cindy Cohagen. We are so proud of both Ayrie and Cindy. Keep up the good work!


Waterbound Beckum

Beckum lives on Vancouver Island where he enjoys lots of hiking and boating.


Waterbound Braam van de Golden Gate

Braam is the son of Maggie and Toni. He is co-owned by Golden Gate Kooikers, Waterbound Kooikers and Gretchen Wetzel. He resides with Gretchen in Seattle. Braam has completed all his health testing. Braam is currently competing in Conformation Shows and has found his calling as a Therapy Dog.


Waterbound Dirk


Waterbound Enthusiast Casper

“Casper adores meeting new dogs and new people. Curious, playful, polite, and so smart. He enjoys obedience training and hopes to join his brother on the agility course. He’s a champion cuddler and if he gets his way, he’ll catch a squirrel in 2017!” Casper is the son of Astro and Lilly. He resides in New York City with his best friend, Tristan.


Waterbound Ayko CGC

Copper is from the Toni and Lucy litter. He is a beautiful and very sweet dog with an excellent temperament. He lives in Virginia and is currently competing in conformation.


Waterbound Dory Darling

Dory, in Calgary is currently competing in Agility.


Waterbound Endearing Emmi van de Golden Gate

Emmi is the daughter of Astro and Lilly. She lives with her family in northern CA. Emmi loves to play soccer.


Golden Gate Secundus Tru Luv Flash (son of Waterbound First Class Flight CD SRD-W)

Emmi is the daughter of Astro and Lilly. She lives with her family in northern CA. Emmi loves to play soccer.


Waterbound Everything Harvey

“Harvey is playful, confident, social, smart. In agility foundation work he’s fast and quick to learn. Harvey responds equally to tugigng and food. We are having so much fun!” Harvey is from the Astro and Lilly litter. He resides in California.


Waterbound Everlasting Joy van de Golden Gate

Joy is from the Astro and Lilly litter. She lives in CA with her family where she is the “Joy” of their lives. Joy is an outgoing and very sweet girl.


Waterbound Carousel Mila

Waterbound Cooper Phineas

Phineus is the beloved pet of a family in New Brunswick.


Golden Gate Primus

Rocket is the first grandchild from Waterbound Kooikers. He is the grandson of Lucy and the son of Amica and Texas.


Waterbound First Dance


Waterbound Chap

Woller is the son of Piek and Lucy. He resides in Homestead, Florida along with Waterbound half brothers, Puppy and Hsiao.


Waterbound Cory

Zane is now in Oregon with his two Miniature Australian Shepherd roommates.

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