Waterbound Kooikerhondje

We are a small kennel in Alvin, Texas, USA.
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Waterbound Everything Harvey vd Golden Gate

        HARVEY MAKES HISTORY!  Waterbound Everything Harvey VD Golden Gate   The FIRST AKC Group Placing Nederlandse Kooikerhondje! Thank you Judges Mrs. Ann Hearn, Mrs. Bonnie Threlfall & Ms. Elizabeth Muthard for these incredible honors Call Name:  Harvey   Breed:...

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Spirit puppies 3 1/2 week update

The Spirit/Harvey litter is 3 1/2 weeks now. They have moved to a pen in the kitchen with a potty box which they are doing an amazing job of using. They are enjoying marrow bones . The puppies love going through the cat...

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What is a Kooikerhondje?

The Kooikerhondje is described as a small red and white spaniel like sporting dog. Its most unique feature is its long black ear fringe known as ear rings. Originally bred in Holland as a duck decoy dog, its most important feature is its white plumed tail waving to entice ducks to follow into the eendenkooi traps.

Our Dogs


Waterbound Kooikerhondje have each been carefully selected for their diverse pedigrees. 


Our dogs live in the house with our family as pets first.


Our dogs have been imported from Finland, Hungary, and Switzerland as well as from the United States.


Our dogs are tested for all of the recommended health screenings.

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