Top 10 Reasons NOT To Get A Kooikerhondje

  1. Did you say no? Kooikers are generally too smart to engage in out-and- out dominance battles. Instead they sense a weak will, and exploit it. If you are unable to be firm (kind, but firm) about the rules of your household, and to enforce them consistently, you will find that the ruler of your house has four legs.
  2. They are very smart. This is a dog with brains to spare. They need to be challenged and engaged by their work. Keeping all that intelligence focused and busy is a big challenge. All Kooiker owners must be willing to do basic obedience training ideally for at least the first two years.
  3. They are sensitive. Kooikers are physically and emotionally sensitive. You have to be careful with how much pressure you apply in training.
  4. They are not everyone’s friend. Most Kooikers will greet strangers, but generally reserve true enthusiasm for their family and special people.
  5. Do you have small children or plan to have children in the future? Many Kooikers do fine with children when raised with them from puppyhood. However, others are too sensitive and reactive to live with the loud noises and unexpected movements to which young children are prone.
  6. They do not necessarily like every dog they meet. Most Kooikers do well with their “pack”. Many do not like dogs with whom they are not familiar. They require a large “personal space” in their interactions with other dogs, making dog parks inadvisable.
  7. Prey Drive. If you don’t want your cat chased, this may not be the dog for you. Most will chase anything that runs.
  8. Shedding. Kooikers shed profusely at least two times per year.
  9. They are dogs. They like to roll in smelly things and wallow in mud. They are not for the fastidious.
  10. Not guard dogs. Kooikers are generally wary of strangers and will not stand up to them. They will not guard you or your house.

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